OpenWrap SDK Interoperability

Post on September 8, 2022 by Lloyd Lim

Lloyd Lim Director, Product Management, Mobile Product

Apple’s iOS 14.5 Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) changes had a huge impact on the mobile app monetization ecosystem. Apps now must get users’ consent to have access to IDFA, resulting in a massive reduction in IDFA coverage for iOS apps. This change impacted app installation marketers as it became extremely hard to attribute app installations to app marketing campaigns.

The changes have accelerated the consolidation and verticalization in the mobile app monetization space. Many app developers face two distinct challenges: With certain providers going away, how do you fill the brand demand void? How can you obtain incremental brand demand for ad formats such as rewarded video, Interstitial, and banners, to drive more revenue to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of your users?

PubMatic’s OpenWrap for SDK, a premier in-app bidding solution, can help app developers meet these challenges. This lightweight SDK connects to OpenWrap Server, to run a cloud-side auction across multiple server-to-server bidders. OpenWrap for SDK is an SDK built from the ground-up for mobile app developers by mobile app developers.

The IAB’s OM (open measurement) SDK is pre-integrated, so advertisers can measure viewability of the impressions served via OpenWrap for SDK. This produces higher demand and yield from some of the biggest buyers.

The new release of OpenWrap for SDK Interoperability enables OpenWrap for SDK to easily work with some of the most popular in-app mediation solutions. While prior integrations required custom code or tag integrations, developers of all sizes and genres can now have a clear path for PubMatic’s brand demand through dozens of server-to-server bidders. This is all designed to increase publishers’ and developers’ overall app monetization, and we are seeing great results. Two large mobile app developers have already integrated OpenWrap for SDK with the new interoperability solution, and they saw up to a 575% increase in U.S. banner eCPM.

You can now replace losses from changes in the marketplace and aim to ensure you have premium brand advertisers augmenting your mobile app demand, regardless of your primary ad mediation platform.

“We’ve seen firsthand the difficulties IDFA poses for our app and publisher partners, making addressability more important than ever for them,” said Travis Clinger, SVP, Activations and Addressability, LiveRamp. “We’re thrilled to partner with PubMatic’s OpenWrap SDK to improve app monetization by making it seamless for publishers and app developers to activate LiveRamp’s SDK.”

Check out more information, including specific integration options for all networks, on PubMatic’s OpenWrap SDK solution and get in touch with us.