6 Ways Publishers Can Maximize Ad Revenue This Holiday Season

Post on November 11, 2022 by Tom O'Hara

Headshot of Tom O'Hara
Tom O'Hara Regional VP, Customer Success

It’s the most wonderful—and busiest—time of the year.

Consumers—and advertisers—have money to spend.

Meanwhile, digital publishers are competing for the latter, who, in turn, are trying to get in front of the former.

Here are six high-level tips for how publishers can maximize their appeal to brands and stand out in the digital advertising space as 2022 draws to a close:

The 411 on CTV

Eliminate guesswork for media buyers by including as much information about your inventory as possible—including genre, language and rating—in bid requests.

Off-Site Opportunities

Implement an audience extension strategy to allow advertisers to target your audiences off-site—and to create a new revenue stream.

Ad Request Details

Verify parameters like app bundle, app store URL and device info are included in ad requests to make your inventory more competitive.

Unblocked Blocklists

Review your blocklists to ensure you’re not excluding potential advertisers in categories like sports betting, which will likely see increased spend in 2023.

Alternate IDs

Test out alternative identity solutions to learn about identity management—and potentially drive yield improvements from cookieless browsers.

New Frontiers

Implement different private marketplace (PMP) strategies to capture holiday spend, as well as new revenue opportunities in 2023.

For more insight into how to make your audience and ad inventory more attractive to buyers—and capture budgets that remain unallocated—please see PubMatic’s Q4 Holiday Tune Up guide for publishers.